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Understanding the Role of a Caregiver

Presented by: Lezlie Poole, BA, CPS, CPRP

Our webinar is geared toward family and friends caring for a loved one. Caregivers often play many different roles, and it is important to be able to identify those roles, navigate the challenges that may arise, and celebrate the triumphs and special moments throughout one’s caregiving journey.

During the holiday season, many suffer from sadness and even depression. Residents in a Senior Living community have a built-in network that will often ease these feelings and give people a sense of belonging. Our speaker this month, Rich DeLong, will speak to the importance of experience and what to look for in a senior living community – especially during the holidays – to ensure you or your loved one is experiencing their best life.

Senior Living has many benefits. From top-notch amenities to nutritious meals, being a resident in a senior living community has its advantages often not found in residential homes. And if you’re a veteran, there are more benefits.

In 2020, the world shut down in an effort to curb the Coronavirus and keep those most vulnerable safe. Over the course of that year, the challenge was to keep the virus out of senior housing communities while continuing to give residents the proper care they needed. From telehealth to virtual reality, senior housing communities learned new ways to physically and mentally care for people.

Financial advisors often focus on getting folks to retirement age, but how many times do they focus on the years well beyond one’s retirement age? In this webinar, we learn about what can be done to better plan and lessen the stress of figuring out how to pay for senior care.

Senior Living Doesn’t Stop Independence

Presented by: Colin Hoobler

People are sometimes hesitant to move into a senior living community because they feel their independence will be limited at best or taken away at worst, however this is not the case. Senior communities take the burden of cleaning, cooking and other chores away from residents giving them back time to do things they would like to do.

Since June celebrates dads, this month’s webinar is all about dads. When dads retire from work and then eventually move into senior housing, many times they feel like they’ve lost their purpose. Register now for this free webinar to find out how to help dads make the transition.

Helping Moms Transition to Senior Housing

Presented by: Rich DeLong

For years, our mother has cared for us and as she ages, it is now our turn to gladly return that favor without hesitation. Our webinar this month focuses on caring for your mother as she makes the move into a senior living community.

Rightsizing and Clever Storage

Presented by: Holli Wilbur

This month, SRI Management’s webinar focuses on rightsizing and clever storage ideas. When moving into senior housing, many people feel as though they are downsizing or giving up their space. But truth be told, senior housing can be a great way to transition to a healthier lifestyle while living in a more organized and efficient

Eating Healthy for Seniors

Presented by: Julia Elkins, RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist)

SRI Management’s March webinar focuses on eating healthy for seniors and why parents have been telling their kids to eat their vegetables for years. From asparagus to zucchini to all the veggies in between, we explore why vegetables are still the go-to food. Our senior-living specialist host answers common questions such as which vegetables are